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Prefuse 73 / extinguished: outtakes / LP ♪

Savath & Savalas 名義でも活躍するプレフューズ・73ことスコット・へレンの傑作2ndアルバム 『 ONE WORD EXTINGUISHER 』 のアウト・テイクを集めたミニ・アルバム。1曲づつは短いながら23曲で40分程の充実の内容を誇るメガミックス的アウトテイク集!

Sub Genre:Underground Hip Hop/Breakbeats/Techno/Electronica
[LP][輸入盤] 盤/ジャケ [NM/NM] 2003/WARP/UK/WAP-164


【Track List】


01 Suite For The Ways Thing Change.
a. Your Family
b. Your Life
c. The Most Beautiful Things
d. Your Seeds
02 Tel Aviv's Gravel Toothbrush
03 Pase Rock's Preestyle
04 I Got No Time For Rearviews
05 Dubs That Don't Match
06 Between Man And Woman
07 Martinique Was My Girl
08 Culturaluhorgasm
09 Whisper In My Ear To Tell Me You Hate Me
10 One For The Crime Scene, A Bullet For Your Time
11 Vikings Invade The Meditteranean But Don't Leave
12 Diarrhea Takes Over Your Life

01 I Can't Get My Eyes Off
02 For Some But Not For Me
03 Sao Paulo Arkansas
04 Coming Into Something Better
05 Humor Judgements
06 Wronge Posture
07 3 Sounds From 94
08 Robot Snares Got No Cadence or balance
09 Kev intro 99
10 Drum Machine, Cello, Headwrap
11 If They Died And They Were Yours

型番 LP-015387(NM/NM)
販売価格 0円(税込)
在庫数 0[枚] ( out of stock ) 完売致しました。買取もお待ち致しております。

知られざる傑作の提案SECRET ITEMコンディション不良/在庫過多Survice Price
特にオススメな作品RECOMMENDお、値段以上。:Price Downスマホでも試聴可能に在庫アイテムを再更新:サンプル音源再UP

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