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Fencer(Suburban) / colors / 1CD ♪
Fencer(Suburban)の夏仕様のMix CDヒット作!(デッドストック)

Suburbanとしての活躍や、毎回異なったカラーのMix CDで多方面から大きな反響を呼ぶFencerによるMix CD。Suburbanの当時の新曲"Summer Time"にShing02"Black Is Beautiful"のシャウトを乗せたトラックで幕をあけ、レゲエやヒップホップからハウスまでを違和感無くミックスしたオリジナリティ溢れる作品。特に後半のSolu Music"Fade"のオリジナル/リミックスの3連続ミックスからSuburban"3 Time Love"への展開は感動もの!

Sub Genre:Hip Hop/House/Reggae/Dance Hall
[1CD][日本盤] 盤/ジャケ [S/S] 【New Item/Dead Stock】2007/NEO PHYTE/JP/NPCD-0103


【Track List】

1.Suburban/Summer Time (Sunset Version) 2.Shing02/Black Is Beautiful
3.Burning Spear/Marcus Garvey
4.Garnett Silk/It's Growing
5.Cocoa Tea/Girl Go Home
6.Cocoa Tea/Go Home Sound Boy
7.Garnett Silk/Place In Your Heart
8.A.T.C.Q/Can I Kick It (Extended Boilerhouse Mix)
9.A.T.C.Q/Bonta Applebum (12' Why Version)
10.Towa Tei feat.Biz Markie & Mos Def/BMT (SP 1200 Remix)
11.Towa Tei/Luv Connection
12.Biz Markie/Make The Music With Your Mouth Biz
13.Frevans/Go Get The Big Horn
14.Jon Kennedy/Sounds Dreamy
15.Terracotta Troupe/The Waltz Song
16.Ananda Project/Cascades of Color
17.Frankie Knuckles/The Whistle Song (Original Sound Factory Mix)
18.Solu Music/A Night At The Baracuda
19.Sade/Somebody Already Broke My Heart (2003 Special Mox)
20.Solu Music featuring Kimblee/Fade (Eric Kupper Mix)
21.Solu Music featuring Kimblee/Fade (Original Mix)
22.Solu Music featuring Kimblee/Fade (Earth Mix)
23.Suburban/Suburban (3 time ove)

型番 1CD-000208(S/S)
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