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DJ Mu-R / monster jam / 1CD ♪
ご存知Gagleの守護神DJ Mu-Rによる、ロングセラーを続ける前作に続き「90’s Hip Hop」新作が早くも登場!

今回も彼ならではの選曲や、Inst→アカペラ→や、Original→Mixへといった展開などなど、オモシロい仕掛けも一杯!意味深くこだわりと愛情を静かに迸るLive Mix一発録音!偉大な先駆者たちによるミックス・テープ・クラシック群に並んで、ヘッズのコレクションに加えられるべき、高いクオリティとプライドを兼ね備えた作品が登場。

Sub Genre:Underground Hip Hop/Hip Hop Classic
邦題/サブタイトル:2 turntable only / 90's hip hop live mix[1CD][日本盤] 盤/ジャケ [S/S] 【New Item】DEFINITION RECORDS/DR-005/帯付

♪01.Ultramagnetic Mc'S /One Two One Two
♪03.O.C./Let It Slide
♪04.Own South/ /Southern Comfort
♪05.Nas/Street Dreams(Inst→A Cappella→K-Def Remix)
♪08.Big L/Da Graveyard
♪10.Fat Joe/The Shit Is Real(Dj Premier Remix)


01.Ultramagnetic Mc'S /One Two One Two
02.Artifacts/Notty Headed Nigguhz
03.O.C./Let It Slide
04.Own South/ /Southern Comfort
05.Nas/Street Dreams(Inst→A Cappella→K-Def Remix)
06.The Roots/Distortion To Static(Black Thought Mix)
07 Organized Konfusion/Stress(Original→Remix)
08.Big L/Da Graveyard
09.Strickly Roots/Beg No Friends
10.Fat Joe/The Shit Is Real(Dj Premier Remix)
11.Black Moon/U Da Man
12.Common Sense /Soul By The Pound(Thump Mix)
13.Red Hot Chili Peppers/If You Want Me To Stay(Black Sheep Remix)
14.Super Lover Cee&Casanova Rud His Dub'S For You
15 Diamond&The Psychotic Neurotics/Best Kept Secret(Lp Mix→Dj Mark The 45 King Remix)
16.Freddie Foxxx / Soo Tough
17.L.O.T.U.G./Funky Child
19.Showbiz&A.G./He Say,She Say
20.Prime Minister Pete Nice&Daddy Rich/Rap Prime Minister&Daddy Rich(Inst)
21.Pete Rock&Cl Smooth/T.R.O.Y.(Original→The Vibe Mix)
22.Percee-P&Ekim/Now They Wanna See Me
23 Original Flavor/Can I Get Open

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